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NOTE: You must have version 3.70 already installed on your system in order to apply this patch file.

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DATE: 2014-10-29
BUILD: 1227

This is a cumulative patch file to fix the bugs of EditPlus v3.70.

Copyright © 1998-2014 ES-Computing

* Fixes Python syntax highlighting bug.
* Fixes Perl quotation syntax highlighting bug.
* Ctrl+W shortcut key for Close command.
* Maximized window could be restored in wrong size.
* HTML color selector could ommit '#' character.
* JavaScript in local html file could produce warning message.
* In the previous patch, 'Document'->'Tab/Indent' menu didn't work correctly.
* In the previous patch, tab characters could be shown incorrectly after print preview.
* Fixes delay on some machines when running from the right mouse button.
* Replace with regex couldn't handle '$' character correctly.
* Block comment could conflict with line comment in some custom syntax files.
* Previous patch could display wrong error message on file error.
* Revives support for Mac OS 9 file format
* Long project name could cause program crash.
* Document tabs could stop working after canceling program exit.
* Document windows could be wrongly restored in wrong sizes.
* Previous patch could crash on exit.
* Position of suggest popup window could be wrong in word wrap mode.
* Improved support for right-to-left languages.
* Keystroke recoding for Find in Files could work incorrectly.
* 'Display pattern' option in the Function Pattern dialog box.
* 'Clear Recent Files List' now clears recent directory list too.
* Supports #CHECK_CLOSINGQUOTE= syntax statement.
* Spell checker language option could not be saved in 64-bit version.
* Word wrap could be wrong when printing.
* Toolbar button for 'View'->'Toolbars/Views'->'Function List'.
* 'Save Copy As' menu command added ('File'->'Others').
* Fixes word highglihting bug on wrapped lines in the previous patch.
* Auto completion now allows delimiter in word.
* Supports 'Copy' button in the Marker List dialog box.
* Marker List dilaog box now shows line numbers.
* Fixes syntax highglighting for regular expression in JavaScript.
* Entering tab character could work incorrectly in the previous patch.
* Fixes access violation error on some computers.
* Previous patch could fail to display very long lines.
* Go to File command didn't work correctly.
* Perl strings didn't highlight correctly in the previous patch.
* #AUTOCASE=y syntax file statement didn't work correctly in the previous patch.
* Displaying long lines could be significantly slow in the Previous patch.
* Paste column selection could work incorrectly in the previous patch.
* Opening file from right button could failed to bring the program foreground.
* Fixes EditPlus icon on the right mouse button on HiDPI screens.
* Improves word wrap speed on very long lines.
* 'Exit without Workspace' command ('File'->'Others').
* sftp couldn't connect to dropbear servers.
* 'Display pattern' option in the function pattern setting could be lost.
* Column selection could omit blank spaces at the end.
* Previous patch could show wrong cursor when using Find dialog box.
* In the previous patch, cursor movement could be significantly slow in long lines.
* In the previous patch, displaying white spaces could be very slow in long lines.
* 'Use UTF-8 file names' FTP option didn't work with some servers.
* In the previous patch, word wrap command could fail to work in new document.
* Fixes wrong cursor location on right-to-left language text.
* Fixes wrong cursor location on Thai language text.
* FTPS couldn't connect to some servers.
* Backspace key didn't work correctly in Thai language text.
* Very long lines could freeze the program in the previous patch.
* Fixes brace highlighting bug in the previous patch.
* Fixes screen update issue of Thai language input in the previous patch.
* Improves performance with long lines in the previous patch.
* Improves word wrap speed in the previous patch.
* sftp supports sha-256 hashing algorithm.
* Keystroke recording could lose some Unicode characters.
* Find & Replace List could not handle multiple lines of text correctly.
* Fixes word wrap error in print and print preview in the previous patch.
* Function List could display empty strings in the previous patch.

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