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DATE: 2017-04-24
BUILD: 1217

This is a cumulative patch file to fix the bugs of EditPlus 4.2.

Copyright © 1998-2017 ES-Computing

* Fixes incorrect left margin when printing.
* Saving remote file could fail without error message in some cases.
* Fixes a possible error when using FTP proxy server.
* FTPS now supports TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.
* 'Upload to a temp file then rename' ftp option could break symbolic link.
* Opening remote file from command line could cause program crash.
* -t command line option didn't work with remote files.
* 'Auto save as *.tmp file' could overwrite untitled files.
* Fixes inaccurate word wrap in print and print preview mode.
* 'Browser'->'Zoom' menu command added.
* 'Edit'->'Others'->'Extend Number Selection' menu option added.
* Allows different default encoding for each file type.
* 'Record Keystroke' now records 'Window'->'Next'/'Previous'/'Last Visited' commands.
* Fixes possible program crash with files in right-to-left languages.
* Fixes a Perl auto completion issue.
* Allows Find Next/Previous shortcut keys from Find dialog box.
* Fixes an issue where 'Log File Watch' sometimes couldn't detect changes.
* Fixes an issue where previous patch could crash on some machines.
* Fixes an issue where $(CurSel) argument macro couldn't handle multi-line text.
* Updates Emmet integration.
* Fixes an issue in the previous patch where 'File'->'Others'->'Rename' command sometimes wouldn't work.

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