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DATE: 2016-07-17
BUILD: 840

This is a cumulative patch file to fix the bugs of EditPlus 4.0.

Copyright © 1998-2016 ES-Computing

* Fixes 'Modify cliptext Item' dialog box redraw issue when resizing.
* FTPS could produce 'Socket is not ready for use' error message.
* Improved 'Invalid CR/LF, NULL' option ('Preferences'->'File').
* Fixes a Hangul input method issue.
* FTP supports SOCKS5 proxy with username/password.
* 'Window'->'Arrange' command could switch currently active MDI child window.
* Cursor could disappear when switching keyboard.
* Internal browser didn't show correctly in HiDPI displays.
* Supports Edge as an external browser.
* Cursor could show incorrectly when moving lines up/down.
* 'Special Character' on HTML toolbar didn't work correctly on HiDPI display.
* Auto save option now saves list of working files too.
* UTF-8 file with 4 byte Unicode couldn't be detected correctly.
* 'More' button on the Find dialog box now preserves current search string.
* Print preview cause program crash when switching documents.
* Fixes wrong mouse selection when column select by keyboard.
* Fixes help file index in Korean version.
* Supports URL Encode/Decode command ('Edit'->'Convert').
* Find dialog box couldn't update multiline input box with selected text.
* 'Strip HTML Tags' command couldn't convert HTML entity numbers.
* Increases max number of FTP group to 20.
* Undoing line comment could cause wrong cursor position.
* 'Sync Directory' option could show hidden directory window unexpectedly.
* Tab key on selected text didn't work correctly.
* 'Ignore All' in the spell checker didn't work correctly in some cases.
* Function List didn't update when file is reloaded.
* 'Whole word only' option in the Find dialog box didn't preserve between sessions.
* Fixes SOCKS5 proxy option for the FTP feature.
* Supports HTTP proxy option for the FTP feature.
* 'Cache directory content' FTP option could cause memory leak.
* Supports 'Delete Unmarked Lines' menu command ('Edit'->'Delete').
* In the previous patch, 'keyboard-interactive' sftp authentication didn't work.
* Very long line in the Output Window could cause program crash.
* sftp could fail to connect with Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange.
* In the previous patch, 'Whole word only' find option didn't work correctly.
* Fixes Perl quotation syntax coloring issue.
* Supports 'JSON Beautifier' command ('Edit'->'Utilities').
* In the previous patch, syntax files didn't install correctly.
* Supports 'HTML Tidy' command ('Edit'->'Utilities').
* Previous patch could produce error message on setup.
* Fixes missing commands in 'Preferences'->'Keyboard' dialog box.
* sftp supports aes128-ctr encryption.
* In the previous patch, setup could fail to backup existing syntax files.
* Fixes two finger scroll on Surface Pro 4.
* 'Use Pageant' option showed unnecessary password prompt.
* 'Use Pageant' option didn't work correctly with some servers.

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